IRAQ: A Hidden Legacy

Matt Cetti-Roberts
Iraq: A Hidden Legacy

Start: 3 February 2014
End: 9 February 2014

Life after conflict: the reality.

Now a London based photojournalist and documentary photographer, Matt Cetti-Roberts originally began his working life in the British Army, enlisting at the age of 17. Leaving the forces in 2001 he began turning his interest in photography into a career.

Iraq: A Hidden Legacy
Iraq has been a feature of Matt’s life for almost 10 years. After being recalled to the army in 2005, Matt spent much of that year preparing for and then deploying to Iraq as a soldier. The images that he captured on his camera during this tour were the catalyst that sparked his passion for photojournalism, telling tales that the world might not otherwise hear.

In 2008 Matt returned as a photographer to work with Iraqi journalists; whilst there his passion returned for the country that held stories stretching back thousands of years. By 2010, Matt was ready to begin telling one of those stories – the hidden dangers lurking beneath what was once a land of plenty after decades of conflict.

Matt has spent the last three years travelling to northern Iraq trying to build up a picture of life there for people dealing with the hidden legacy of landmines and unexploded ordnance. The images in this exhibition reflect his work to date.